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It's all about growth.

If it concerns expanding a company, instilling  a culture or planning for innovation, it all comes down to what I work with, write about and speak on. Growth.

Let's grow together


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for growth. Creating lasting, competitive business advantages demands a pragmatic and experienced approach to every challenge, no matter how great or small. After decades of investing in, advising, and running innovative companies, I have the knowledge to strategise for growth, I know how to increase innovation output, and how to lead entrepreneurial organisations into the future.


It makes no difference if it's for a book, an article or a business document – I always channel all of my knowledge, experience and ideas into the topic at hand. My writing provides structure and clarity to matters of importance to the companies I work with, as well as society in general. While most of my writing is for  businesses, I also have a special penchant for structural issues of economic and political significance.


I speak about the subjects that interest me, and my interests are fluid. But at the core of topics as diverse as cyber security, sustainable competitive advantages and strategic contestability is a clear focus on economic growth and development. I've participated in panels and debates, and I've held many keynote speeches for companies, organisations, think tanks, universities and alumni associations.


Overheard about Björn


"If I had strategised with Björn two years ago, we would have saved hundreds

of millions.”

Well-known IT firm

”An important and interesting subject presented in a thoughtful manner.”

Gustaf Rentzhog 
Söderberg & Partners

"A brilliant speaker."

Hans Lööf
Royal Institute of Technology

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