An entrepreneur and business strategist, Björn defies expectations not only when growing innovative companies, but even when tackling writing and speaking engagements.



"The Innovation Illusion"

"A thought-provoking and refreshingly

non-ideological argument that a bleak future lies ahead unless capitalism undergoes a shake-up."

Matthew Rees
Wall Street Journal

“The Innovation Illusion turns the consensus on its head and offers a refreshing critique of what ails our economies.”

Iain Martin
The Times

“Faceless owners, risk-averse managers, globalisers and regulators are the villains of this book that challenges the idea that we are in an age of endless innovation”

-Best Business Books of 2016-

Andrew Hill
Financial Times


(in Swedish)

Downside of Digitalisation

Capitalism without Capitalists

SKAGEN Dagen 2019